Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ike... House... Floors...meh

So, things have been crazy lately. Alicia and I braved the storm de Ike, and were able to defeat some of the water that came flying through our windows. Unfortunately, the rest of the water totally defeated our carpets. This presented us with a choice: put in more crappy carpet, or spend some extra money and do hardwood floors like we want?

Well, if you know me, then you know what I wanted to do. New floors!

A few months back, I mentioned I was bored and needed a project. Well... I got one.

We are ripping out all of the carpet and tile downstairs in the house to replace it with hardwood floors. We are doing it ALL OURSELVES!! :) Yeah, it's fun. And it's gonna get better.

I'll keep everyone informed.



Johnny Price said...

good luck sucka, i was gonna holla at you and see how the house made it through the storm, good to hear there wasn't too much damage. lata bud

Wes said...

Oooh dang. I have a nice big room in my house that would love to have hard wood as its floor. I am Very interested in how this goes for you guys. Glad you made it through better than most. Stupid Ike.

Lynn said...

Well it has been a few weeks.... how is the project coming along? I hope all is well.